Social Media Platforms

Social Media platforms with Ansteorran presence include:

  • Wiki, managed by the Kingdom Historian
  • Facebook, of course
  • Twitter, as one would expect
  • Instagram – Gulf Wars would like us to “take over” their account on one day, this year! There’s plenty to do for all interested parties!
  • Pinterest
  • Gazette* via WordPress
  • I’m hearing interest in Twitch and Discord
  • YouTube is still in a holding pattern, from what I understand
  • I know the Teen Hospitaler is working on plans to make more space for that office’s target demographic.

If you’d like to run with any of these platforms (or others!), please let me know what you have in mind.

*And, per the norm through the end of February, an update on the Gazette possible-rename poll. I’m now seeing 66 results; I’d prefer to see 100 results by the end of this month, please! LINK:

Questions, thoughts, corrections are always welcome!

Elsa –