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Crown Tournament seeks class ideas

The Canton of Skorragardr will host January Crown Tournament 2018 and is seeking volunteers to teach classes during the event. Only a few slots remain for class, and sign up is currently underway. So far, classes include court dance, embroidery, black work, bardic arts, hair styling, how to autocrat an even, and leather working. The site has three classrooms available…

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Crown Tournament gets coverage

The Stellar Kingdom of Ansteorra has its heirs following Crown Tournament, held July 8 in Bonwicke. Through fierce determination and right of combat, Duke Lochlan Dunn and Duchess Gwen verch Cynwrig de Insula Mona became Ansteorra’s new Prince and Princess. The day was filled with amazing feats of skills, pomp and friendships, but Ansteorrans weren’t the only ones to notice…

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